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welcome to the ramblings of the old guy. I am really old (now over 60 sheesh) 7 grand-kids (5 of which are girls) all under the age of 10. I have a wonderful, very long-suffering wife, who manages to let me stick around (of course she packs me a lunch and a suitcase every day, and says take your pick. I am a roofing contractor, who still actually works, despite my advanced age. I play slo-pitch softball, and swear that any year I will quit (unfortunately we have no other pitcher)I also swear that any Sat now I am going to get my surfboard out of moth balls and see if i can still do it....but not til it gets warmer. Lastly I am a wild-eyed, right-wing, religious fundamentalist, but try not to be too fanatical. Thanks for joining me, and I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I am.....

I'm getting lazier and lazier about up-dating here, for two reasons. I got a facebook acct, and I spend a lot of my comp time at talk_politics or conservatism. I have mostly quit playing soft ball, as we finally got another pitcher. On the other hand my surfing buddy has retired from the mission field, so I should start that again.....have to do something so I don't become as old as I am.

Further update, for anyone who, like me, will check profiles of those they have discussions with......
I am a conservative first, last, and almost always. As such I nearly always vote republican, but too often as the lesser of two evils. The streak of libertarian in me will cause me to vote against the "party line" on some propositions and even some more "liberal" candidates in local elections. Also I tend more towards fundamentalism than evangelicalism in my Christianity. I am basically a prude, because I need to be. I have a racially and ethnically diverse family, so it makes it difficult to be a bigot, altho I may come across that way at times because I am so not PC. Everything I believe or accept I cannot prove, but I can give a reason for, sometimes that reason is "just because". I tend to be sarcastic in real life, but am working on how to translate it to the written word, so sometimes I come across as nasty...my disarming grin and twinkling eyes, which removes most sting in real life (which is why I am used to getting away with a lot) does not translate to the computer.
Pet peeves: People who believe the same way I do, but judge others who don't. People who don't believe the way I do and dismiss everything I say. People who seek to demean rather than to reason or convince.
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